Hang On Snoopy: NASA Image of the Day

Not much to say about this one other than...Snoopy flies on NASA missions and brings back vital information. That is as adorable as it is cool. A Well-traveled Beagle Snoopy, the zero gravity indicator that flew aboard Orion during the Artemis I mission, wears a smile after being unpacked from his transport case on Jan. 5, 2023. Zero

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More Earth than Sea: Best 15 Progressive Rock Albums

Progressive Rock. It is a term that inspires love, deep and heartfelt. And hate, venomous and cruel. To some it means complex musical suites comprised of off-beat time signatures, extended themes and orchestrations and philosophical concepts. To others it is simply masturbatory self-indulgence, pomposity and pretentiousness. Oddly enough, no one is wrong. Prog Rock is

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