Theme for July


“The only way to deal with an unfree world
is to become so absolutely free that your
very existence is an act of rebellion.”
― Albert Camus

  • On my 16th birthday, my brother gave me a copy of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and it changed my life forever. Not really. It would be nice if it did, if it worked that way. Like a movie, all […]

  • It is a question we’ve all been asked at least once at some point in our childhood. And the answer, at least for me, would change depending on the time and place or the frame of mind I was in. […]

  • It is Independence Day. There is red, white and blue bunting hung from porches and windows. The air has the scent of smoke; it’s there in the background but always present. You almost don’t notice it...

  • I sit and look out my back window into the yard behind my house. It is large and full of trees; a combination of fir and pine and aspen. On this day, early in the morning, it is cold and […]

  • I’m going to post this with very little comment from me other than to welcome you to this month’s theme: FREEDOM. The reason for posting this should be fairly obvious [...]

  • When I was a boy we played games. We would gather at Mike’s house to decide what the game would be. Mike lived in the middle of the block so it was a centralized location and he had a stone […]