Books • Books • Books

What You Reading?

I Love to Read. At any given time I
am reading one or two books and
any number of comics. I want to share
what I’m reading with you and maybe
you will share what you’re reading with me.

  • On Saturday, November 23rd, 1963 at approximately 16 minutes and 20 seconds past 5 pm the greatest cultural achievement ever created by human beings premiered on British television [...]

  • And so begins the story of Danny the Car Wiper, William Burroughs’ sad but strangely uplifting story about a junky looking to score some heroin on Christmas Day. [...]

  • Horror as a genre is an unusual beast. It is on the surface just a way to illicit scares, to give you a momentary burst of adrenalin. Other times it is a way to repulse you [...]

  • “The Masque of the Red Death” is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe originally published in 1842. It tells the story of a group of wealthy nobles attempting to avoid a plague [...]

  • I’m going to post this with very little comment from me other than to welcome you to this month’s theme: FREEDOM. The reason for posting this should be fairly obvious [...]

  • Keeping in April’s theme being “Rainfall” and National Poetry Month, I’d like to share another rain-based poem. This time it’s in the romantic tradition [...]