Nearly 9 Hours of Rain On a Porch

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In keeping with this month’s theme of “When the Rain Comes” I decided to get completely literal with it and simply present to you a video of rain falling. Almost 9 full hours of rainfall. That’s a lot of rain.

Now, full disclosure, I have not watched the video all the way through. 9 hours is a long time. It is possible that mid-way through it suddenly gets sunny and people begin to bar-b-que. Perhaps around hour 7 or so a troop of acrobats and clowns start doing cartwheels and hanging off the railing. Maybe there is a flood and two of every kind of animal is collected. Anything could happen really. More than likely it’s just the same scene of rain on a loop – but hey you never know! Keep hope alive is what I say.

So when I had the thought of getting a rain video to put here I figured I’d go to YouTube to grab one and that maybe it would be hard to do since videos of rainstorms would be few and far between. Oh, how wrong I was! There is a shocking amount of videos of rainstorms. Mountain rain, desert rain, rain forests, rain in urban areas, rain in the country, rain on the ocean, rain on a beach, rain, rain, and more rain. If it’s been rained on, someone has filmed it. And it usually lasts for at least 2-4 hours or more. It rains, it pours, and if you are curious, yes there are also videos of old men snoring. At this time I can not confirm if they do in fact get up in the morning.

So after a long time of trying to choose a video (a ridiculously long time as it turns out), I decided to go with the one posted above. It is from a channel called Easy Sounds & Relaxation Channel which, this may come as a surprise to you, consists of videos of easy sounds intended to help you relax. It’s actually kinda nice. Check it out if you are into that sort of thing.

I like this particular video because of the mountain location. I don’t know the exact location, but live in the mountains and there have been many times when I’ve sat outside on a covered porch on a summer afternoon listening to the rain, smelling the pine and fur trees, listening to the distant thunder and the creek of the trees and they sway in the wind. It’s just…lovely. This particular porch seems to be getting a little drenched so sitting out on this one might be a bit uncomfortable, but maybe there’s a fire going inside and some mugs of hot chocolate being sipped by the window. That’s what it makes me think of anyway.

So if you’ve got 7 to 9 hours to kill why not watch a video of a nice rainstorm on a comfortable porch? Or better yet, do what I did and have it playing in the background while you read a book?

Have fun.

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