A Fantastic Breakdown of the Beatles’ Rain

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Every once in a while I stumble upon a happy coincidence. Like for instance the video below. I was researching a completely different subject – not even for this blog actually – when I ran across this short video essay on The Beatles song Rain.  Now as it happens this month’s theme is “Rainfall” and I coincidentally used a line from this song as the pull quote for the theme description. A coincidence like that was just screaming for me to share this video.

This video comes from the YouTube channel You Can’t Unhear This created by Raymond Schillinger and features several short essays on Beatles songs breaking down how they were recorded, trivia, history, and significance of each. It’s really fascinating stuff, and really well done and interesting. I highly suggest visiting his channel and subscribing and liking and doing all the YouTube things. Really worth your time.

Now the video below is on the song Rain, which is a simply fantastic song. I first heard this song when I bought the Hey Jude compilation album as a kid (with my own money no less!). I was – and still am – a huge Beatles fan and Rain was always a favorite of mine. Hence the fact that when deciding on a pull quote the first thing that popped into my head was the lyrics to this song. I didn’t think my appreciation of the song could be enhanced – oh, but I was wrong. The video points out how the song is pivotal to how the Beatles would approach recording in the future and points out all the techniques they utilized that would become staples in their repertoire for future albums. Like I said just fascinating stuff and actually did what I thought was impossible – it made me appreciate the Beatles more.

And please do subscribe to You Can’t Unhear This on YouTube.

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