Theme for Spring


If the rain comes,
They run and hide their heads,
They might as well be dead,
If the rain comes.
— John Lennon (Rain)

  • My father is long gone, having died in January 2007, and at first he seemed to hang around—at the foot of my bed, threatening to twist my toe to wake me up; across from me at my desk, telling me I might be working too hard [...]

  • Once, a long time ago, I lived in a house near the edge of the world. In the winter, when the air was still, I would lie awake at night and listen to the Ocean, to the waves. Relentless. Never-ending. […]

  • Keeping in April’s theme being “Rainfall” and National Poetry Month, I’d like to share another rain-based poem. This time it’s in the romantic tradition [...]

  • I’m not sure if this is going to work. Or if it will make any sense let alone be entertaining to read. I guess you can call this an experiment. I am going to write about some recent events in […]

  • In keeping with this month’s theme of “When the Rain Comes” I decided to get completely literal with it and simply present to you a video of rain falling. Almost 9 full hours of rainfall. That’s a lot of rain. […]

  • We walked along the beach, my companion and I, on a cloud-filled morning in late autumn. The air was cold and filled with misty rain. It was the kind of weather that sticks to you; it gets in deep and […]