The Philosopher’s Song: G’Day Bruce: The Big Ideas (Reboot)

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So about a year ago – or was it two? (hard to say really, time is so difficult to grasp and there is no way pinning down a definitive date on anything…wait, I looked at the last post for this category…yeah, two years ago. Huh, time is easier to grasp that I thought). Anyway, two years ago I began a project in which I would talk about a particular philosophy or philosopher and give my perspective based on a distinctly layman’s viewpoint. I called it The Big Ideas and it ran for a whopping two entries before it petered out and died. There are multiple reasons for this but it basically boiled down to a) time constraints and b) laziness.

But because of popular demand and a near constant barrage of letters and emails begging and pleading for me to restart this project I feel compelled to listen to my readers and comply with their requests and demands – and so The Big Ideas will relaunch and begin afresh!

Okay, look I’ll be honest. There were no requests. No one demanded that it start again. I just wanted to do it. I thought it might be fun, you know, a lark. Is that so wrong? Why do you have to be so judgmental? Can’t I just have something that I enjoy, something that makes me happy? I know I’m not an “expert” on philosophy but it is something that really engages me and makes me think and I just want to share that with others so that maybe – just maybe – it could spark interest in others and perhaps we could start a conversation on subjects beyond pop-culture and divisive politics. Is that so wrong? Why do you have to put a damper on things before they even start?

Wow, sorry. That went in a different direction than I intended. Obviously I have issues that I need to work out and you don’t deserve that kind of treatment. Can we just start again? I’d like that.

(aaaannnnddddd…scene. Thank you for joining me on imaginary argument theater.)

So, yes, I’m going to start this project again. Philosophy is an interest of mine in that I like to read it and think about stuff. And when I began this two years ago I attempted to take a more serious/academic approach that if I’m completely honest I’m neither qualified or interested in. My approach to philosophy has always been a bit more casual and humorous.  That does not mean I take the subject lightly it’s just that I find it easier to grasp some pretty weighty thoughts if you strip the lecture aspect away from it and more enjoyable if you throw in a joke or two. In this way philosophy becomes not just something to study but something to apply to your real life.

In keeping with this idea I give you the video at the top. Monty Python is one of – no, change that the – greatest comedy troupe of all time. And one of the primary reasons for this was the fact that they combined silliness with smarts. Their comedy was intelligent and  thought provoking content wrapped in goofy slapstick and funny noises. In short, brilliant.

So I could not think of a better way to start talking about philosophy again in a more light and humorous manner than to begin with the Bruce’s Philosophy Song. So bend the elbow and have a think.

I’ll be back in a few days with Buddhism.

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