Like an Amusement Park but with Better Costumes: Denver ComicCon 2013

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So the second annual Denver Comic Con begins tonight and runs through Sunday, and I could not be more giddy to attend. Seriously, it’s all I could talk about for days (maybe weeks). Now I know little ol’ Denver’s Con is not as big a deal as say, San Diego or New York, but I’m proud of my city’s gathering. Denver has heart, man. And dedication. And a big blue bear. Who doesn’t love a big blue bear?

Last year’s event was small, but eventful. I got to spend a few minutes with James Marsters, who turned out to be ridiculously cool. He was very gracious and we discussed punk rock and how he based the character of Spike on Johnny Lydon. Also, Spike is my daughter’s favorite in Buffy, so I picked up some serious “dad cred’ which is always good.

Still, it was a ‘year one’ and some growing pains were inevitable, no one was quite sure if it would work, but work it did. The crowds were good and better yet enthusiastic. Now this year seems to be on pace to surpass last year by leaps and bounds.

One disappointment, Stan Lee will not be attending. At the close of last year’s con we were treated to a per-recorded announcement by Lee that he was to be the premiere guest at next year’s Con. Excelsior! Now, for reasons I still don’t quite know, he backed out at the last minute. This was one of the ‘Big Moments’ I was excited for.

As a kid in the 70s I once sent a letter to the editor to Marvel to explain how I felt that the Silver Surfer needed to be a permanent member of the Avengers complete with child-logic reasoning (basically it went along the lines of the Surfer is cool and the Avengers are cool so … duh.). I was sent back a letter signed by Stan Lee telling me it was a good idea but no, that would not happen. Now yes, I understand that that was a form letter, or an intern wrote it, whatever. But it was signed, not a stamp or anything. So he must have seen it at least. Anyway, I was very proud**. So I was looking forward to meeting Stan the Man this year even if it was just at the autograph booth. Bummer.

Stan’s replacement is William Shatner. And, in the DCC literature and email notifications, is referred to as “The Shat”. This, to let the world know, is not a flattering thig to be called. So, you know, stop it. While Shatner is awesome and all, and I am excited to see him, he in no Stan Lee. In an upcoming post I will profess my fan-boy love of all things Marvel, but for now it is suffice to say, I will miss Stan.

This year I will be attending with my daughter and her friend. Two teenage girls I will be informing and enlightening with every minute detail of every aspect of the genre. I am really positive they will be kept in rapt attention and will hang on each and every word. Well, I’m excited.

Things We Are Looking Forward To

The Doctor Who Panel – It is no secret I am a DW fan. Now this year’s panel is helmed by Colin Baker. Okay, so not my favorite. But he was still a Doctor and has redeemed himself a bit with the Big Finish stuff. Sure, I wish it was a different Baker, but still.

J. August Richards – This is more my daughter than me. She loves Angel and all things Buffy. Okay, me too.
Felicia Day – Really? You need a reason? Really?
Jim Steranko – See above where I profess my deep fan-boy love of Marvel
Phil Lamarr – Futurama and Samurai Jack. Say no more.
William Shatner & George Takai – Star Trek TOS. Do I … really … need to ….explain … more? Oh, my.

And that’s just what’s on my mind now. I am sure there will be much more as we hit the floor. A Con is such an exciting and fun thing to do. I become a little kid when I get there, full of wonder. And this year I will be with my kids, all the better.

Have a good Con everyone.

**Just as a aside I no longer have that letter signed by Stan Lee. It is one of only two items I wish I had back in me possession (the other being a hockey puck signed by Bernie Parent) Things lost along the way.

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