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So everyone knows Captain America: Winter Soldier was the greatest super hero film ever made. And by everyone I mean me staring at myself in the mirror saying, “Man, Captain America: Winter Soldier was the best super hero movie ever made. Yes, better than the Avengers,  stop saying that – why are you arguing with me? – I’m you damn it!”  Anyway, split-personally/schizophrenia aside I love Captain America. As a character of course, I mean there is nothing…inappropriate…going on. I just love him okay? Stop judging me! 

So what I’m saying is I like the last move and I had some reservations about the next one. A sequel to a well-made, critically-acclaimed, fan favorite being as good as or better is – let’s just say unusual. So I was skeptical about the next in the series. And when it was announced it was to be a multi-character free-for-all my skepticism went to 11. Until today. The trailer above made me 8 years old again. Smiles. Giggles. Goosebumps. Happy, happy, happy.

I mean seriously the sheer awesomeitude that is on display here is amazing. I continues the natural progression of the film franchise as a whole while at the same time, seemingly, remains Cap centered, but that is just “plot” related; the big moments are the little details. Hawkeye shoots an arrow with Ant-Man riding it. Scarlet Witch fights Vision. Black Panther is in a movie and looks good. Let me say that again with emphasis, Black Panther is in a movie and looks good. And of course Spider-Man being…how to put it…being Spider-Man!

I know, I know it is just a trailer, you can never judge a movie from the trailer. But when I was 8 years old I thought about the movie I wanted to see – and it looks like Marvel made it. I mean holy crap, they might have made my childhood, fantasy movie. I just…I have no words.

Look, there are more important things in the world than a comic book movie, I realize that. There is poverty and climate change and a billionaire-fascist-dickhead has an actual chance at becoming president. These things are important, I know that. At the same time being happy is a just and enviable thing to strive for; the “pursuit of happiness” and all that. Maybe some bread and circuses are okay from time to time?

I’m 46 years old and in a little over a month I will sit in a darkened theater and watch a childhood fantasy come to life. And even if its bad, its gonna be good. Perhaps I’m too old to be this excited about a comic book movie, but if I am screw it. I like what I like.

Honestly I envy the kids. I was eight years old when I saw Star Wars and it was freeking amazing. Still talk about it now. If I was that age or around there when a movie like this came out? All I can think about is how excited I am now at this point in my life and – wow – good for them.

So, yeah. Hooray comics.

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