Blade Runner Trailer as 40s Style Noir

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With the new Blade Runner 2049 due to be released later this year I’ve been obsessively going back over all the related material associated with it including: All 5 versions of the film, the original Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep that it was loosely based on and the comic book adaptation (Yes! There was a comic book adaptation, perhaps that is another post waiting to happen). To be fair this is one of my favorite movies and any excuse to watch/read anything related to it is welcome.

That’s when I was reminded of an old fan made trailer from a while back that re-imagined the original trailer as a 1940s style classic noir. It was put together by YouTuber Healthgun, and before you say, “But Blade Runner is already a noir!” Well the creator already addressed that:

Just wanted to clarify that this isn’t meant to be a radical re-imagining of the film or a recreation of a 40’s-style trailer. As many have pointed out, Blade Runner is already very “Noir.” I just wanted to take those aspects of the film and accentuate them into something hopefully interesting.

It is a lovely piece of work and just fun to look at so enjoy!

Also, if you want more Blade Runner related material check out the “Blade Runner: 99 Science Fiction Films You Must See” entry and that particular feature is also set to start again after a long hiatus – so keep tuned for that.

Also, just for kicks check out the Blade Runner 2049 trailer below and start getting psyched for October.

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