50,000 Comic Fans can’t Be Wrong: Denver Comic Con 2013

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That’s right, over 50,000 people attended the 2nd Annual Denver Comic Con this weekend. That’s 20,000 more than last year which was the 2nd largest Comic Con opening in history. An impressive number to say the least. This led J. August Richards to say “I truly wasn’t expecting this. It’s comparable to San Diego Comic Con.” Okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but I like the enthusiasm.

It was an incredible weekend for sure. There was a little, um, kerfuffle, shall we say. I don’t want to say controversy but that’s what some are calling it. I would go with “somewhat large inconvenience”. The lines were massive and many were turned away, even those of us with pre-paid tickets had to wait quite a long time to get in. Still there was plenty camaraderie in the lines and everyone was patient and pleasant. And there was plenty to look at. Yes, we missed a panel we wanted to attend due to the wait, but hey, stuff happens. By Sunday there was a bit of a better process going on, I just chalk this up to no one expected a crowd like this and next year will be smoother.

Overall it was a great time. I for one got to attend with my daughter and a friend, so was able to introduce a new generation to the glory of the Con. I believe they had a good time. If nothing else they indulged an old fart in his obsession, so for that I’m thankful.

The big names get all the attention of course, but for me a Comic Con is all about the artists, designers and performers. The everyday creators who just put out beautiful work, sometimes for tiny audiences, but who do it for the love of it. I love to walk down artist’s alley checking out the work giving some encouragement and admiration.

And the Cos Players, excellent as always this year.

Weekend Highlight

The Guild Panel – Why? Felicia Day, that’s why. Actually the whole panel was great. They were funny, as you’d expect, but also gave some real inspirational advice on being creative. Day in particular tried to push people to just get out there, not to be led by your inner fears. oh, and its always great to see Erin Gray as well.

Weekend Lowlight

Jim Steranko Spotlight – This was really disappointing for me. Steranko is one of the classic artists in Marvel history and I was excited to hear him speak. Being one of the most renowned comic artists I foolishly expected him to talk about, you know, comics. Instead we were treated to depressing stories of how he was beaten by bullies as a child. Bullies who would set dogs on fire with gasoline. How he made weapons in metal shop to fight said bullies. Yeah, not fun.

So, triumph and adversity this year. A Con is always a great time, and now Denver is on the map. Huge crowds and top talent. The future looks bright.

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