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Howdy y’all! Welcome to the Website Roundup! This here’s the place where we rustle up a hootenanny of info – yee haw!

That was forced wasn’t it? See, by calling this post ‘Roundup’ I figured I’d adopt a cowboy voice and it would be hilarious.

That was dumb. I will never do that again.

So, yeah, the Website. A plan has been devised. An ambitious plan. Some would say ‘over- ambitious’, some would say ‘doomed-to-failure’, but I will not listen to those voices; even if one of those voices is my own. And so I move forward with my ambitious plan.

A little background first. The original concept of this blog was to post an original piece of fiction or memoir twice weekly. Now that was over- ambitious. At best I was able to produce two a month. This left the site with a bit of downtime. To beef up the content I started to write some essays and reviews that were easier to produce and were pretty well received (that you for that, dear readers) but even those were, oh let’s say, unfocused. And so a plan was devised.

What is the plan you ask? I will tell you. The plan consists of several new features and a schedule. I know! An actual schedule. Serious, honest-to-god deadlines that will be met. Well, that’s the plan.

Here is what to expect:

First and foremost I will embrace the two-a-month post schedule for original fiction/memoir, since I’ve become pretty comfortable with that. This will go up on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.

On Mondays you will see pretty much what you are reading now. Basically a general interest essay or a news dump or occasionally a recommendation about things I like (like this for instance), but it will definitely be frivolous and silly. Silly is a great way to start the week.

For the rest of the time check out these fabulous new features:

Monster Memories

This is actually something of a reboot. A little over a year and a half ago I had this notion to re-watch the old Universal Monster movies and compare how I remembered the films with my thoughts as an adult. This was a great idea that sort of faded away and died. I am going to resurrect it!

This time there will be more of a definite format and, you know, point. This will be fun. You will see this first Friday of the month.

The Prisoner Rewind

The Prisoner from the late 1960s is one of the most iconic and influential television shows of all time. It is strange and psychedelic, intellectual and action packed. The brainchild of Patrick McGoohan it never gave the viewer easy answers and ended with a…interesting finally. For 17 weeks I will analyze each episode and put the episode in context of its time and its influence on TV and film in general. When? Thursdays.

Long Lost Longbox

I have found a dusty and forgotten longbox of comic books hidden in the back of my shed. This longbox does not actually belong to me but a friend and so I have no idea what is in it. Twice a month on a Wednesday I will pull a comic from the box and review it panel by panel.

Doctor Who Series 8 – Episode by Episode

This is pretty straightforward. Doctor Who is the greatest television show to be ever created and, if I may be so bold, the greatest piece of entertainment ever devised by human being. Nay! of all sentient beings in the vast and infinite universe. On August 23rd a new series will begin with a new Doctor and joy will be returned to the world. I will review every episode the Monday after it airs. SPOILERS: I’m probably going to like it.

And More…

Next week there will be a proper, dedicated introduction post for all of these new features and a precise posting schedule. The actual content for these will start the following week (with the exception of Doctor Who which starts airing on August 23).

Other things I am contemplating are episode by episode posts of Agents of SHEILD and Sleepy Hollow. An issue by issue review of Captain America starting with the Golden Age and moving forward from there. And possibly a podcast of geeky stuff if I can find a co-host, because let’s face it a recording of just me talking would be just a bit tedious.

So, that’s the plan. Schedule and focus. I’m actually really excited and I hope this will be entertaining for y’all. Because life should really be entertaining, after all.

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