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David Hicks is a writer. A damn good one. He is the author of dozens of short stories, one novel and a wildly entertaining blog. He is also a teacher, a mentor and (I’m proud to say) a good friend.

I recommend – no I insist – you go to his site right now ( to get a small taste of his style. His style is lyrical and beautiful; let’s face it the man can write. But more than that, he tells the truth. David writes stories that are deeply honest, confessional – there is nothing held back when you read him. Beneath that beautiful prose is raw emotion, satirical humor and feelings laid bare. To read David Hicks is not just to enjoy a great story, it is to experience a moment in the life of another.

Yes, I’m a fan. And yes, I’m a friend. But thankfully I’m a student as well.

Way back at the tender age of 36 I decided to stop thinking about being a writer and actually write. Not knowing how to do this exactly I randomly chose a creative writing class, signed up and attended. The class was taught by David Hicks.

Was it luck? Fate? Well whatever the pre-determined force or random chance that brought me to that place at that time; it changed the course of my life. I suppose I always knew I had the ability to write, but it was under David’s tutelage I realized it.

David has a quiet, gentle demeanor that draws you in; allows you to feel comfortable and at ease. Writing is a deeply personal endeavor, scary at times, but David challenges you to go deep, to pull out the best and worst of yourself and show the world. And he helps you not be afraid. And then he says go deeper.

There are not many people in this world that can provide that level of comfort needed to tap those emotions and simultaneously provide the inspiration and the knowledge to make it happen. David is unique.

After that first class I attended another, and another; workshops and retreats and writing groups. I met a community of talented writers and I learned I had talent myself. With David’s help I learned the skills and gained the confidence to put it out in the world.

I am a writer because of David Hicks. For that I am forever grateful, it is a debt I can never repay.

I have had the privilege of being his student; the privilege of being his friend. I also have the privilege of reading some things the general public doesn’t get a chance to. That’s quite a perk.

So go to David’s site, read his work. Get to know the man. I guarantee you’ll be a fan.

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