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A list of useful websites of literary magazines, small presses, and book publishers.

One of the things I’ve always been frustrated/confused/ignorant of has been the nuts and bolts of the submission process. Where to submit and when and how. Below you will find a few websites that will help.

Special thanks go out to David Hicks and Jacqueline Kharouf for compiling this information.


Probably the most comprehensive site of the best literary and alternative magazines for literary realism, traditional short stories, poetry, essays, memoirs (or other types of traditional nonfiction); this site also contains a list of writer resources, including writer blogs, reviews of new literary magazines, calls for submissions, and a list of contests organized by due dates. It should be your home page.

The John Fox

This website ranks literary magazines based on the number of short stories that have been published in the Best American anthologies but also includes lists of journals accepting electronic submissions, blogs, and posts prevalent to the evolutions sweeping the literary world.


A comprehensive list of nearly all types of magazines (literary, or otherwise). This site offers several search options to narrow the type of magazine you’re looking for and seems to be a generally useful website for mainstream or genre fiction (it also identifies which magazines are new—they are noted as “fledgling” (British English!)—and which are online, print, or otherwise).

Hey Publisher

A submission search engine and handy-dandy submission manager (that’s right, you can do both at the same time). It’s a bit of a writer’s networking site where you can actually upload your work, create a profile (i.e. upload a bio), search for magazines, and submit to them too.

This is a great way to get started, Happy submitting, and good luck.

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