Try, Try Again

In the Swirling Sands I Jump

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I stand atop the Sand Dunes at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo, the blood of Christ, my back to the wind. The sand swirls around me, my pockets fill with it, and my feet sink in it till I am buried up to my ankles. There are grains of sand in my teeth and I try not to smile. I try not to smile but it is hard. I am remembering, my thoughts

Last Words

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Jack began to think the wound was superficial because there was no pain. Sure, there was pain when the knife went in, sharp and cold, but now there was nothing. He was numb. Sleep. That

Writing Query Letters

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Query Letters for book-length manuscripts and/or agent representation The last in our 'How to Get Published' series. This time the focus is on getting representation and writing a great query letter. As always special thanks

Steps To Get Published

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Part two of the useful information needed to get yourself published. Okay, so you've found the right publisher(s) and now you want to submit your masterpiece  - what do you do? Below you will find

“There is scarcely any passion
without struggle.”
― Albert Camus