What You reading? March 2021 Roundup (part 1)

Okay, look at that. Here it is April and I realized I haven't posted any "What You Reading?" entries for the entire month of March. In my defense, it was a really busy month both personally and professionally and many side projects (like this section of the blog) got either swept to one side

What You reading? Roundup (2/08/21 thru 2/21/21)

I have been crazy busy recently so this post covers two weeks of reading. But to be fair in addition to two full collected editions of comics and 5 individual issues there is also a full novel. A short novel granted, but have you ever read Kerouac? There's a lot to take in I

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What You reading? Roundup (1/24/21 thru 1/31/21)

I didn't do much reading this week comparatively speaking. I am still doing my deep dive into Buddhist thought and philosophy, something I have been interested in since my teenage years when I read Jack Kerouac's Dharma Bums for the first time.  You'd think I'd be an expert at this point, but sadly no,

What You reading? Roundup (1/13/21 thru 1/23/21)

This is something new I'll be trying out. On any given week I'm reading a handful of things; novels and comics, historical non-fiction, and various essays and articles as research for sundry projects. So I am going to post what I read or am in the process of reading on a weekly basis in

What You reading? There, There

by Tommy Orange Set in Oakland, California Tommy Orange's debut novel follows several characters creating a multi-generational examination of Native American life in a modem Urban landscape. As the novel progresses we meet each of the characters and get to know their home lives and environments and their feelings as they prepare to

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What You Reading? In the Dust of This Planet: Horror of Philosophy (v1)

by Eugene Thacker This is the first of Thacker’s trilogy of the philosophy of horror. It is a fascinating read that seamlessly veers from classical philosophy to modern to occult and mysticism.  But this is not a dry academic tome, rather it is a thoughtful look at our world and the unspeakable things

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