Which Thing Came First: The Swamp or the Man? (Self-indulgent Nerdfest II)

Comics are a business. Amid the artwork and the writing, the beloved characters and detailed worlds and universes it is easy to forget that these guys* also want to make money. And in doing so certain ideas and concepts get … let’s say borrowed … from time to time. But every once in a while

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I Didn’t Sleep for Years: The Man-Thing – Night of the Laughing Dead!

Do you like suicidal clowns? Do you like suicidal clowns that come back as creepy, sad ghosts? Do you like 70s pseudo-hippies exchanging youthful dialogue? Don't answer yet! How about fiery death in cars and lots of punching? Would you like all this and a monstrous swamp creature that can burn your fear with

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