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Story Graphs by Kurt Vonnegut

I had the privilege of hearing Kurt Vonnegut speak once toward the end of his life. I was overwhelmed by his humor and humanity. He was a unique and brilliant individual. The video below showcases that humor and his skill. So take 5 minutes to be thoroughly entertained. Who knows, you could be inspired to write something new and cure a case of writer's block.

By |September 1st, 2023|Creativity, Ideas & Excuses, Trying-Effort|

Change is Coming: Restructuring, Relaunches, Revivals, Renewals

Hello everyone. If you have been a frequent visitor to this site you may have noticed that new content has been…well let’s say sporadic. Inconsistent is another way to put it. Non-existent might be more accurate. But let’s not quibble over things like accuracy and reality and let’s focus on the future! Basically, times have been tough the last few years (to put it mildly) and other matters have been taking up my time. Sadly,

By |December 26th, 2022|Announcements, Beginnings, DaddyElk, Ideas & Excuses|

Happy Life Day: The Star Wars Holiday Special

Author's note: This was written nearly seven years ago and I must admit my opinion of the Star Wars Holiday Special has softened a bit. Oh, I still think it's awful don't get me wrong, but it has for me fallen into the "so bad it's good" category. Well, sort of. You see while I do still find the choices made in this bizarre and strange little program to be mind-boggling and at times

By |December 14th, 2022|Features, Ideas & Excuses, Thoughts & Notions, Xmas|

A Merry Little Alternative Xmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Sure, that’s a given. People seem to enjoy the colored lights, the slowly dying tree in the living room, and the glitter. Oh, and the gifts. People seem to really like the gifts. But did you know there is also a different side to Christmas? Ways to celebrate Christmas that are unusual? And some people – get this – don’t even celebrate Christmas at all! I

By |November 30th, 2022|Announcements, Ideas & Opinions, Xmas|

Collected Edition Episodes You Should Check Out

The Collected Edition is a comic book podcast hosted by Paul Matthew Carr and Brian Reese. These are some recent episodes we think you will enjoy. Collected Edition: Episode 87: Bone We talk about the classic, brilliant, iconic, beautiful, glorious, and wonderful comic BONE. We like this one, can you tell? This is a comic that is a vaudevillian comedy, a Disneyesque cartoon, and an

By |October 19th, 2022|Announcements, Collected Edition|


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