NerdSync’s History of the Adam West Batman

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NerdSync is a pretty great channel over on the YouTube that deals with all things comic book related. Everyone should head on over there and just watch everything because, if you like comics, this is the place to find thoughtful and insightful takes on history, trivia and philosophy of the medium.
And today they posted this wonderful and touching (yeah, I did kinda tear up there at the end I admit it)  tribute to Adam West and the brilliant Batman TV show from the 60s that made him a legend.
I used to watch Batman in reruns as a kid and loved it. And, like most traditionalist nerds (sometimes called jerks), I disowned the show when I was in my late teens and early 20s because it wasn’t the “real” Batman and was just silly kid’s stuff. Now that I’m much older and not so much of a jerk – sorry, traditionalist – I don’t feel the need to deconstruct everything I love down to its core and categorize everything into what is “good” and “correct” based on an arbitrary system determined by popular notions  at the time. In other words I simply like or dislike something because of what it is rather than what I want it to be.
And the 60s Batman TV show was a campy, goofy send-up of comic books, pop culture and traditional authority that was colorful, funny and damned entertaining. After a decade or two of grim/dark comics a return to silly is welcome – and no one did silly better than Batman in the 60s.
So watch the video above and enjoy the wonderfulness of Adam West’s Batman. And head on over to the NerdSync channel and watch their other stuff. Well, worth your time.

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