The Master of the Mystic: 2016’s Best End Credit Song

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So 2016 is over (finally) and it was…let’s go with interesting.

But amid all the disappointment, despair and downright disgust (lots of alliteration – eat your heat out Stan Lee) there was one bright point – The end credit song from Doctor Strange: The Master of the Mystic.

Marvel films have taken some criticism for their soundtracks having no impact on the films. They are seen as bland and boring and not as remember-able as say Star Wars for example.  And while this is true to a certain extent its a bit unfair to paint all the films this way.

Alan Silvestri’s Captain America: First Avenger and The Avengers scores are quite good and extremely memorable.

And Michael Giacchino’s Doctor Strange score is excellent. Particularly the end credit song. Just take a listen. It has a soaring epic-ness, infinite hum-ablity and just the right touch of Moog keyboard sound and harpsichord to give it a 60s psychedelic feel. It’s just good.

I was immediately struck in the theater by this song while waiting for the post credit scene. You could see several people rocking out to it, and I confess one of those people may have been me.

This song would not be out-of-place on an early Pink Floyd album. No, I’m not being hyperbolic, it’s good dude.

Just give it a listen.


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