It’s a Very Special Pi Day Everyone!

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So gather ’round math fans, preferably in a circle, as we celebrate a one-in-a-century day of Pi.

We all know that March 14 (3/14) is Pi Day but this year we get something very special. Because it is 2015 we actually get to write this: 3.14.15. And this particular sequence of numbers won’t come around for another 100 years. So, you know, make it count.

But wait, there’s more! In the morning at 9.26 am we will have: 3.1415926 and simply wait 53 seconds more and, you guessed it: 3.141592653! In fact, there will be a point between 9:26 am 53 seconds and 54 seconds that the clock matches the number pi down to an infinite number of digits. C’mon that’s cool!

To celebrate this momentous occasion I found this on the Internets:

The ThinkGeek Pi-Tini


  • 3.14 ounces of blueberry vodka
  • Measure the diameter of the glass in centimeters, then take pi times the glass radius squared ounces of vermouth and divide by 10
  • Splash of Blue Curacao for color
  • Pour into a cocktail shaker, shake 3.14 times, and strain in a cocktail glass.

Maybe you should wait to drink this at 9:26 pm, but hey its Saturday do what you feel is necessary.

So have a great once-a-century Pi Day everyone!

You can find this drink recipe and pi-shaped ice makers here:

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