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After a brief hiatus due to overwhelming personal commitments, severe technical difficulties, and occasional bouts of procrastination new episodes are back! If you’re not familiar with the Collected Edition, it is a podcast hosted by Brian Resse and Paul Matthew Carr. Each episode they discuss a famous (or infamous) run or story-arc throughout the history of comics with a lighthearted tone. It’s two friends doing what they’ve been doing for years – talking by comics, making jokes, and having fun. Check it out why don’t ya?

Episode 70: Godzilla King of the Monsters

We discuss the 1970s series written by Doug Moench with art (for the most part) by Herb Trimpe. How bonkers? Well, Godzilla fights monsters, sure that’s a given, but he also tangles with cattle rustlers, a New York sewer rat, and goes to space. Seriously, Godzilla goes to space. The 1970s were weird. In addition, we ramble on far too long about old adverts in comics. So if you like to hear two old guys talk about things “back in my day” you’re in luck!

Episode 69: Invincible

We discuss the the inspirational story of a plucky bartender that gets to live his dream of playing football for the Philadelphia Eagles. Oh wait, that’s not right. We will of course be talking about the comic book Invincible written by Robert Kirkman and artists Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley. But before that – as is typical for this show – we will discuss a subject we know little to nothing about. In this case, it’s non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrency. But that dovetails nicely into a discussion about who owns the art that creators make and who gets paid. Spoiler: we don’t solve this issue.

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