Christmas in Patagonia

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Christmas Day, 1999. Twenty years ago. Was I at home in New York, a gentle snow falling outside, while inside blazed a warm fire in the fireplace, with presents under the Christmas tree that

Routinely Creative

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I seem to be moving from erratic to consistent in so many ways—how and when I drive, how and when I eat, how and when I prepare for my classes and grade essays, how

Halfway Through

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Another article about my birthday that I published eight years ago. Update: Still working on telling that story.  In a few days, I will turn 45 years old. A momentous occasion I have decided. It

Digging to China

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We walked along the beach, my companion and I, on a cloud-filled morning in late autumn. The air was cold and filled with misty rain. It was the kind of weather that sticks to you;