The (Lack of) History Channel

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Okay this has been one of my pet peeves/borderline obsessions for quite a while now. The History Channel no longer plays anything even remotely close to actual history.

This is a shame as history is one of my favorite things, you know, knowledge and facts being high on my list of things that are really awesome. I used to love that History Channel. I would spend entire nights learning things and saying things along the lines of, “Wow, I didn’t know that.” and “I’m a better person for having learned this.”

But now. alas, I look at my TV and say things like, “Aliens are not history!” and “Swamp people, really? I am a dumber person now.” Usually these things are said very loud and in a gruff and angry voice.

But now CGP Grey over on YouTube has, in 18 seconds summed up my frustration quite nicely. And without foul language.

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