What You reading? March 2021 Roundup (part 1)

Okay, look at that. Here it is April and I realized I haven't posted any "What You Reading?" entries for the entire month of March. In my defense, it was a really busy month both personally and professionally and many side projects (like this section of the blog) got either swept to one side

What You reading? Roundup (2/01/21 thru 2/07/21)

Hello everyone! This week was nothing but comics. Some ongoings, a new #1, catch-up on a couple of series I fell behind on, and a collected edition for an upcoming edition of the Collected Edition. I was pretty swamped last week with various projects, real work to pay the bills, and attempts at a

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What You reading? Roundup (1/13/21 thru 1/23/21)

This is something new I'll be trying out. On any given week I'm reading a handful of things; novels and comics, historical non-fiction, and various essays and articles as research for sundry projects. So I am going to post what I read or am in the process of reading on a weekly basis in

Word After Word: Episode 7: Craft Lesson: “And Then One Day…”

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of the podcast where Paul Matthew Carr and David Hicks discuss the craft and process of writing – Word After Word! This time on the program in keeping with our ever widening and diversification of subject matter - we will be doing a craft lesson. Just a bit of advice to help you

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The ElkCast Episode 5: The Time I Saw Star Wars 12 Times In A Row

Welcome everyone to this thing that I do… This time around I'm talking Star Wars in anticipation of the release of Rouge One. Specifically I'll be telling the story of a particular time when I saw the film 12 times in a row in the theater...and there may or may not have been something nefarious

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4 Changes to The Phantom Menace That Could Have Saved The Prequels

The Star Wars prequels have been the Internet’s whipping boy for quite a long time. People love to trash the prequels. This is understandable because they are not, you know, good. But they’re not exactly bad either, there are some good ideas. Unfortunately these good ideas are squashed under layers of bad dialogue, bizarre racial

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Death Star Found Near Saturn: NASA Image of the Day

In a stunning development NASA researchers have found a naturally occurring "Death Star" orbiting Saturn. Reportedly after coming out of hyper space the crew of a small space freighter followed a short range fighter toward a small moon prompting one crewman to say, "He's headed to that small moon." In response a second member of

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