A More Powerful Way of Seeing: Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey: Episode 5

There is so much that we cannot see. Hidden from our eyes or taken away from us by those who do not want us to know what is there. We are not always equipped to see the light that is all around us. The thread of light weaves this episode together and Cosmos: Hiding in

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Do You believe in Ghosts? Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey: Episode 4

Is it possible for a television program to be transcendent? Is it possible for a show to reach a level of perfection that causes all others to pale in comparison and subsequently make all others seem meaningless? Actually, the answer in no. That’s a bit over the top even for me. But all hyperbole aside

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Beneath a Blanket of Stars: Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey: Episode 3

It was inevitable I guess. Not content to simply delete several seconds about evolution in the first episode and impossible to ignore evolution in the second, creationists now demand equal time for their arguments. Balance they call it. And how did the makers of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey respond? They way everyone should respond to

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A Souring Spiritual Experience: Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey: Episode 2

In an area of Oklahoma the first episode of Cosmos:  A Spacetime Odyssey ran twenty seconds shorter than the rest of the country. What was significant about those twenty seconds? That was the time when evolution was discussed. If it was intentional (station executives say it was not) I wonder how much of this week’s

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Your God Is Too Small: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Episode 1

There is not much these days that can be called a Television Event. Sure there's the odd sporting event or award show but even those are not regarded as "must see". You are never left with a feeling of loss, that you may have missed something important. Besides you can always stream it later or

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