Sand & Sea: The Impermanence of Objects, 1st Meditation

Once, a long time ago, I lived in a house near the edge of the world. In the winter, when the air was still, I would lie awake at night and listen to the Ocean, to the waves. Relentless. Never-ending. In my mind, I could see them. They would turn and curl and fall forward

Memory & Fog: The Impermanence of Objects, 3rd Meditation

Once, a long time ago, I told you I would love you forever. I never intended to lie to you. I am back in San Francisco, the place where we once lived together. It has been … what now? 15 years? Or is it 20? I don’t remember things the way that I should. I

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Glass & Sky: The Impermanence of Objects, 2nd Meditation

Once, a long time ago, I stood in the sky far above the world. The observation deck of the World Trade Center was more than 1000 feet high. The windows were wide, floor to ceiling glass. The first thing I did was press my nose against it, my hands beside my face, fingers splayed wide.

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