The Superfruit: In Praise of the Avocado

Recent studies have shown that avocados are ridiculously healthy for you and have health benefits that are, to put it mildly, amazing. This is fantastic news. I love avocados. I was 18 when I had my first avocado. Oh, sure I had a "guacamole salad" of the Taco Bell variety before that but honestly I'm

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Fruit Flavored Terror: Monster Memories

As a kid I loved monsters. Not the ones that hid under the bed or lived in the closet obviously - those were terrifying and nightmare inducing if one actually managed to get to sleep - no, the ones I loved were the safe ones. Your Draculas and your Frankensteins* and your Wolf-Mans (Wolf-Men?),

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He Sees You When You’re Sleeping: Krampus the Anti-Claus

We are all familiar with the benevolent nighttime intruder who once a year indulges in mass breaking and entering to deposit gifts under indoor foliage. You know, the omnipotent fat man dressed in red who observes your every waking and sleeping moment to determine if you are “bad” or “good” based on a criteria only

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Look: Car Crashes & Shia LeBeouf

I am normally not one who lingers on disaster. I don't feel the need focus on failure or tragedy. It just does nothing for me. When confronted by something terrible or embarrassing I can usually just let it pass by; if there is nothing I can do to help I don't wish to get in the

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Any Flamin’ Critter: Top 5 Animal Shape-Shifters

I have recently finished a reading run on Animal Man and it got me thinking about other characters with the ability to transform into different animals. This is unfortunate. Really I should be spending my off-hours thinking about the plot of my next novel or devising ways to become financially secure or contemplating ways to

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