What Is & What Should Never Be: Denver Broncos Logos

There are certain topics I usually do not write about: politics and sports. Now it's not that I don't have opinions on these subjects, quite the contrary. In fact if you would like to hear these opinions, come to Denver, buy me a beer and I will tell you all about them in excruciating detail.

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50,000 Comic Fans can’t Be Wrong: Denver Comic Con 2013

That's right, over 50,000 people attended the 2nd Annual Denver Comic Con this weekend. That's 20,000 more than last year which was the 2nd largest Comic Con opening in history. An impressive number to say the least. This led J. August Richards to say "I truly wasn't expecting this. It's comparable to San Diego Comic

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Like an Amusement Park but with Better Costumes: Denver ComicCon 2013

So the second annual Denver Comic Con begins tonight and runs through Sunday, and I could not be more giddy to attend. Seriously, it's all I could talk about for days (maybe weeks). Now I know little ol' Denver's Con is not as big a deal as say, San Diego or New York, but I'm

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