The Princess, The Shaman King & The Spider Queen: Animal Man #86: Long Lost Longbox

Part two of the “Anima Mundi” storyline and the second to last issue of Animal Man before we move on to a new tile. Perhaps the will pick up and end with a flourish, it could happen. Hint: it doesn’t. Jerry Prosser is not a bad writer. The problem is he’s not

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The Ant Mystic: Animal Man #85: Long Lost Longbox

As Animal Man winds down and comes to a thankful end we begin a three part story called “Anima Mundi”. This will be the last three issues covered in this feature although the actual end of Jerry Prosser’s run has two more issues after that. But they are not in the Longbox and so not

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Monkey Trial: Animal Man #83: Long Lost Longbox

Note: in the last entry of the LLL I teased that the opening to this would be on the writing of Jerry Prosser. I have decided to move that to the last entry because it just seemed more appropriate. (Editing on the fly people, I can’t emphasize enough the benefits of being prepared) So today

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Weekend Safari: Animal Man #82: Long Lost Longbox

The Longbox returns with the long awaited continuation of the Animal Man Saga. The next six entries will be coming at a faster clip with two entries a week in the month of December finishing off the Animal Man portion of this feature. I know I’ve made this sort of claim in the past but

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Guns, Windshields & Rubber Ears: Captain America in Film & TV

Recently all the major players in the comic book world – Marvel, DC/Warner Bros, Sony and Fox - announced the schedule of upcoming films for the next five years. This is incredibly convenient as I can now plan all my nerd-related activity up to 2020. The one announcement I found more exciting than the others

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Shaman’s Return: Animal Man #81: Long Lost Longbox

I have not written a Long Lost Longbox entry for a few weeks because I wanted to read ahead. That’s cheating, I know. The whole premise of this feature was to simply pull a comic, read it and write my first impressions in a random, impromptu kind of way. But two entries in I realized

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Something good. Something bad. A bit of Both: A Guardians of the Galaxy History

Okay, I’ll admit that when Marvel announced Guardians of the Galaxy as part of its Phase II I was … skeptical. It’s a relatively unknown franchise that features a sentient tree and a talking raccoon as major characters, that’s a bit of a gamble. Don’t get me wrong I was thinking kudos for taking the

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