Staring at Empty Pages: An Apology

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So, there has not been a post in a couple of weeks. No original in several more. Why is this? Well, it seems I have taken an unplanned hiatus from the website. There are several reasons for this or as I like to call them “excuses”.

They are as follows:

  1. Illness. I have been suffering from a month long malaise. An overwhelming and general sense of yuck. Not enough to stop me from working, but just enough to stop me from doing anything productive.
  2. Procrastination. I am a master procrastinator. It is something I truly excel at. It is a skill I have harnessed over years of diligent practice, or would have had I not put it off repeatedly. I tend to watch in nervous anticipation as deadlines approach then wave in silent acceptance as they pass by. It is not something I am proud of; in fact I intend to do something about it. But, you know, later.
  3. Writer’s Block. This is a serious thing. And a winter thing. Specifically a February thing. Every time the second month of the year rolls around I dry up. Go empty. I stare at empty pages, blank screens. No words. It is frustrating and saddening. Miserable. I’m sure it’s psychological and I can do something about it. And I will, eventually (see item two).

Now, here it is March. And with it comes a renewed enthusiasm and inspiration. It is time to flex my creative muscles and exercise my mind. It is time to get into artistic swimsuit shape and … sheesh. I really haven’t written in a while. Note to self: work on metaphor.

So here’s what to expect in March:

  • 4 new Temptations & Trespasses posts. One will be personal, one will be experimental and two will be particularly strange. Moving to Thursdays at noon (MST).
  • A new feature Monster Memories. Part memoir, part movie review. All classic monsters.
  • A new Short Story. A ghost story in fact, in its entirety. Although it will be spread out in two posts over two weeks. Worth the wait though.
  • And several things about Disney World.

All in all very exciting and I am looking forward to sharing this with you. These are of course, my best laid plans.

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