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Sometimes men choose hiatus, other times hiatus is thrust upon them. And sometimes, like what happened here, its a bit of both.

I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog (here for instance) that I find it difficult to write for the blog, write short stories/novel and hold down a full time job. Two of those things at once is no problem, its just when you add the third time gets to be a bit of a precious commodity.


[hahy-ey-tuh s]
1) a period of time when something (such as an activity) is stopped.
2) a break or interruption in the continuity of a work.
3) when you stop posting on your blog for a while.

So occasionally when I have to buckle down and edit (I hate editing) and do some rewrites (I like rewrites, that’s fun) in order to get a story ready for publication (or at least ready to be rejected for publication) I have to take a brief hiatus from the blog to focus (this parenthetical is unnecessary but it seemed that was the way this sentence was structured so I added it. You may disregard this superfluous content).

SIDE NOTE: If there is anyone out there who would like to fund me so I can quite my job devote myself full time to my writing I’d never have to go on hiatus ever again! Would anyone like to do that? Anyone? No? Ah, it was worth a try.

Anyway, my intent was to take a week off to get other stuff done. That week turned into two. And then I made a decision to move my site to a new hosting provider and do some upgrades, the details of which are below:


So my self imposed hiatus became an externally imposed one. Next thing you know a month has gone by and my page view numbers have decreased dramatically.

SIDE NOTE: When you don’t post anything new for a while people stop coming back. Weird right?

Good news! The hiatus ends tomorrow! Well, today actually since this is technically content even if it is mostly filler and superfluous (see parenthetical above). But I have a whole mess of real content with actual entertainment value ready to go starting tomorrow – let’s say noonish – and even more waiting in the wings if I get around to typing it up. See, I tend to write long hand for a first draft, I’m Old School like that.

Unfortunately I find typing almost as tedious as editing. I’ve attempted to get my secretary to do it for me but she refuses. Primarily because she is imaginary and therefore does not actually exist.

SIDE NOTE: Yes, my imaginary secretary is a woman. Her name is Nancy and is originally from Brooklyn. She’s sassy and quirky and has her own unique style and does not take any guff from anyone. She doesn’t do any of the projects I assign her preferring to do things “her own way” which usually involves long lunches and leaving early. And when I ask in an exacerbated voice why I keep her around she just looks at me sideways over her oversized glasses with a knowing smile, “Because you would never be able to live without me,” she’ll say. And you know what? She’s right. She’s so very, very right.

SIDE NOTE TO THE SIDE NOTE: If you are going to have an imaginary secretary it might as well be a RomCom as well.

So, um, yeah…the blog is back again tomorrow with new stuff all week long. New essays on nostalgia, a Captain America: Civil War review, A Big Questions post and more Voyager episodes. Maybe even a Game of Thrones post I feel like typing.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go make the coffee, because God knows Nancy won’t do it.

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