Orion Recovery: NASA Image of the Day

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This is story fuel. It reminds me of the pictures you used to see in the 60s, I almost expect to see an astronaut emerge from the capsule. Or an alien! (dun dun duuuunnnnn)

A great angle showing the beautiful blue of the water and the ship in the back; this image could be used a writing prompt. Where has the capsule been? Is there anything inside? And what of people on the boat, do they know what they are bringing aboard? Is the world in terrible danger? or is there a mystery that may just save everyone if we’d only listen?

I have to go catch my imagination, it just ran away. I love space stuff.

(Dec. 5, 2014) — NASA’s Orion spacecraft awaits the U.S. Navy’s USS Anchorage for a ride home. Orion launched into space on a two-orbit, 4.5-hour test flight at 7:05 am EST on Dec. 5, and safely splashed down in the Pacific Ocean, where a combined team from NASA, the Navy and Orion prime contractor Lockheed Martin retrieved it for return to shore on board the Anchorage. It is expected to be off loaded at Naval Base San Diego on Monday.

Courtesy of NASA.org | Photo credit: U.S. Navy

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