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And we’re back!

I have been away for the last week in sunny Florida. My daughter and I went to experience the start of the Great Humidity Fest that they hold every year (also known as Spring Break). We also went Disney World to visit an anthropomorphic mouse and all the franchises Disney has purchased in recent years (also know as my childhood).

I had these great plans to do daily blogging and updates from there with all kinds of Disney and sundry related material. Believe me those plans were really quite impressive. In the end I decided to scrap all that and simply have fun and enjoy myself and not be tied down to the stress of blogging everyday. Also I forgot. It happens.

But to make up for that I found this wonderful little piece on the Internets by Jack Kirby himself; it’s a Kirby Mickey! How cool is that?

Back in the early 1990s a coffee table book of various artists doing images of Mickey was put out called: The Art of Mickey Mouse: Artists Interpret the World’s Favorite Mouse . This is currently out of print (I think). Kirby was one of the artists to contribute and he did two drawings the one above which was used and the one below which was not. Both were inked by Mike Thibodeaux.

So tomorrow the blog continues with another Disney/Florida related piece and on Friday with another 99 SciFi Films You Must See. Till then enjoy the greatness of Jack Kirby, Disney style.


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