Hooray Internet! [Hilariously Long Viper Launch]

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If there are two things I like it’s space opera and creative editing. And this video from YouTuber OneMinuteGalactica has both. What’s not to like?

I was a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica when it first aired back in 1978. I was 9 years old at the time and even then I knew it was just a cheap knockoff of Star Wars but that didn’t matter. I was a lot of fun and it was the closest thing we were going to get to a great sci-fi space opera on TV for a long, long time. Sorry Buck Rogers in the 25th Century you just couldn’t measure up (beeedy, beeedy beeedy you suck Buck).

All episodes are available on Netflix now and I have recently gone back and re-watched those episodes and…well it does not hold up as well as I would have liked. I still have a great fondness for the series regardless and I am willing to overlook some clunky dialogue and bland plots because of serious amounts of awesome.

The Cylons are still just amazing looking and the premise of the show is original and still something that works – you need only look at the remake in the 2000s to see how well it works. And the Vipers are just iconic spaceships. Really they are glorious looking things; I loved them back in the day. I had the toys that shot tiny little plastic darts from the nose to simulate laser fire. They were awesome. I remember when they were recalled when it was discovered that the shape of the Viper and the size of the plastic darts made for a rapidly propelled choking hazard. Still, great toy.

One of the iconic things in the series, and a thing that was repeated in every episode, was the Viper launch. With some wonderful editing that run-of-the-mill scene is transformed into a very funny sequence. Hooray Internet!

In case you are interested:

The opening to the original series was pretty majestic. The deep voiced narration (There are those who beleive…) followed by the soaring score; its kinda great. Sometimes miss the 70s. Not often, but sometimes. Anyway as a bonus here’s the opening credits:

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