Delta Redux: A Voyager Rewatch: Parturition

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This episode is terrible.

Look, there is no reason to sugar coat it. As much as I want to find a redemptive reading in these episodes there is just nothing here. This is a cliched story, a contrived plot with absolutely nothing of interest to say. A real letdown after last week’s episode. Twisted, while not without its flaws, at least was attempting something entertaining and at least held the promise that stories going forward would at least try.

Parturition doesn’t even pretend to try.

Set a course for Planet Hell, Commander.” – Captain Janeway

Two characters that don’t get along must learn to survive when put alone in a dangerous situation. Yawn.

Even by overused Star Trek plot-line standards this one is tired.

The “twist” of course is that Paris and Neelix must care for a newly hatched baby and so bond over being surrogate parents in a cheap,  cut-rate Enemy Mine ripoff.

The dialogue is terrible, the direction (by Jonathan Frakes no less!) is stale and lifeless and the supposed “tender” moments are just boring knock-offs from a dozen better TV shows and movies.

I suppose if I could say one positive thing about this episode its the fact that we never, ever have to see “jealous Neelix” again. So that’s a blessing.

Still I am struggling to get through this season and we are only 7 episodes in. If they continue on this abysmal track this Voyager project I am on may not last to the summer. But until then I shall attempt to soldier on. Fingers crossed for next week, give me something, anything to enjoy.

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