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The Collected Edition is a comic book podcast hosted by Paul Matthew Carr and Brian Reese. These are some recent episodes we think you will enjoy.

Collected Edition: Episode 87: Bone

We talk about the classic, brilliant, iconic, beautiful, glorious, and wonderful comic BONE. We like this one, can you tell? This is a comic that is a vaudevillian comedy, a Disneyesque cartoon, and an epic fantasy all at once. Jeff Smith created something special here. Also, Brian gets way too excited about a cow race.

Collected Edition: Episode 86: The Spectre

In this episode, we discuss The Spectre: Crimes and Judgments by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake from 1992. This is a gritty, noir, horror thriller with 90s excess…we have opinions. This is a story full of contradictions, missed opportunities, and confused messages. It is a story trying to be progressive and poignant but ends up getting lost in its attempt to be controversial and gritty. This is a sin committed by many comics in the 90s. But the question is…is that sin to be punished or forgiven?

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