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Hello everyone. If you have been a frequent visitor to this site you may have noticed that new content has been…well let’s say sporadic. Inconsistent is another way to put it. Non-existent might be more accurate. But let’s not quibble over things like accuracy and reality and let’s focus on the future!

Basically, times have been tough the last few years (to put it mildly) and other matters have been taking up my time. Sadly, the website and writing have taken a backseat to things like making money and attempting to feed and house myself. I know, I know my priorities are skewed. Content creation and website maintenance should be of paramount importance but I have let my responsibilities in this area slide. But no more! Starting in 2023 – which at the time of this writing is only one week away – there will be several changes not only to this website but to several others. And, in addition, there are a couple of projects in development that will be launched in the New Year as well as relaunches and re-imaginings of old projects too.

I’m going to keep a couple of things close to my chest just in case they don’t materialize but the definite changes are as follows:

DaddyElk Entertainment

First off I am rebranding DaddyElk Productions as DaddyElk Entertainment. What this means for you as the reader is absolutely nothing. I just think it sounds better personally. But in addition to the name change, the site will be streamlined a bit to be more limited and focused on specific subjects. These subjects will be broken into two sections on the site:

Tachyon Emissions

Sci-Fi, fantasy, and horror. My favorite subjects. This is where I will be writing about movies, TV shows, books, etc. as well as the psychology and theory behind the genres. Now, I’m not an expert in this sort of thing by any stretch, but I have a smattering of education and have read a decent amount so that I can talk somewhat intelligently about such matters.

Paul Matthew Carr

This is me in case you are wondering. I’m Paul Matthew Carr, and this is my site. In this section of the site, I will be writing about writing. I’m a writer. I write. Look, I’m writing right now. But, yes, this will be the place where I will be posting stories, personal anecdotes, and reflections on fiction, art, and philosophy. Oh, and nostalgia. Just so much nostalgia. Hopefully, it won’t get annoying and not devolve into “back in my day…” I will endeavor to remain entertaining.

You can expect at least one post a week from each section starting in January 2023. Everything else on DaddyElk will be migrating to their own sites such as:

Nexus of All Realities

This is the thing that I regret not keeping up with the most. For those who don’t know Nexus of All Realities is a podcast about the Marvel character Man-Thing (who everyone is now acquainted with because of Werewolf by Night!) and unfortunately has been fallow pretty much since the start of COVID back in 2020. There have been a handful of episodes released and several broken promises of more, but mostly the podcast has gone quiet.

This is unfortunate because of all the projects I’m involved with this is the one that (arguably) is the most fun to produce. I try to put the issues in a historical context which allows me to not only read and talk about one of my favorite characters but also allows me to research and write about diverse subjects in and around the 1970s. But sadly, this one has become a victim to those pesky priorities I spoke about in the beginning.

But plans are in motion for a relaunch! A new dedicated website has been created – – where new episodes will live from now on. In addition, I am currently remastering old episodes for better quality and to get them more in line with how later episodes are being produced. I even have a couple of interviews lined up as well as extra bonus content being planned.

So, if all goes well, Nexus of All Realities will be a living, breathing podcast for the foreseeable future. The site is here:

Collected Edition

The Collected Edition is a comic book podcast with myself and Brian Reese. The Collected Edition has been chugging along as far as recording and episode production, however, the releases have fallen behind. There is a backlog of unreleased material which will be rectified come to the start of the year and a dedicated release schedule will be adhered to after that. Please note: Brian Reese, my co-host is not in any way involved in the delays experienced with this podcast. The blame lies solely on me. I – as they say in the technical parlance of the podcasting industry – suck. But I will be sucking less very soon.

Anyway, if you like comics and if you like two really good friends talking about comic books, this is the podcast for you. The site is here:

Pandemonium Seesaw

This is a new podcast launching mid-January. It is what I am calling “a curiosity podcast.” What that means is I will be talking about somewhat obscure or strange subjects from a historical and anecdotal perspective. Some of the subjects you can look forward to being: Medieval werewolves, the inexplicable popularity of mimes in the 1970s, why comics in the 1950s loved gorillas for some reason, and that time I saw Bigfoot in Northern California in the 1990s. As well as much, much more. This will be a grab-bag of topics that I am really looking forward to sharing with the world. This project has been gestating for quite a while and I’ve been looking for the right time to launch I’ve finally come to the conclusion that there will never be the right time – so I’m just gonna do it. The site is here:

Odds & Ends

A few things are going away in 2023 as well. The podcasts Word After Word, The ElkCast, and The Definite Article are officially dead. I held out hope for a while now that a revival would be in the cards, but alas it is no more. These projects were fun to work on but just not viable to produce. Again, sadly I must say goodbye in order for other projects to get the time and attention needed for them to thrive. It’s like gardening. Some plants have to be pruned so that others can grow. At least I assume it’s like gardening. I’m not a gardener but the metaphor seems apt, so yeah, let’s go with it.

There are other projects in the works as well as I said, but they won’t come to fruition till later in the year so I’ll keep those to myself for the time being.

I’m going to be doing these periodic updates to keep everyone informed about what is going on and to keep myself honest. If you say you’re going to do something you have to do it right? That’s the plan anyway.

I hope you will come back to see the changes and the new content. And if you’re not careful you might just learn something. Probably not. But you might.

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