What You reading? Roundup (1/24/21 thru 1/31/21)

I didn't do much reading this week comparatively speaking. I am still doing my deep dive into Buddhist thought and philosophy, something I have been interested in since my teenage years when I read Jack Kerouac's Dharma Bums for the first time.  You'd think I'd be an expert at this point, but sadly no,

What You reading? Roundup (1/13/21 thru 1/23/21)

This is something new I'll be trying out. On any given week I'm reading a handful of things; novels and comics, historical non-fiction, and various essays and articles as research for sundry projects. So I am going to post what I read or am in the process of reading on a weekly basis in

Fearful Symmetry: William Blake’s The Tyger

On the most recent episode of the Collected Edition I and my co-host Brian Reese discuss the classic Spider-Man story Kraven's Last Hunt also known as "Fearful Symmetry" the title of which comes from the 1794 poem by William Blake called The Tyger. After recording the episode I was compelled to dig out my

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This Harmonious Order of Things: Boethius: The Big Ideas (Excursus I)

Whenever I am feeling down, or confused, or overwhelmed by the particular situation I find myself in I turn to philosophy. And yes, I do recognize how pretentious that statement sounds - but regardless it is still very true. Reading philosophy allows me to see things on a grander scale. It pulls me from my

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The Philosopher’s Song: G’Day Bruce: The Big Ideas (Reboot)

So about a year ago - or was it two? (hard to say really, time is so difficult to grasp and there is no way pinning down a definitive date on anything...wait, I looked at the last post for this category...yeah, two years ago. Huh, time is easier to grasp that I thought). Anyway, two

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The Übermensch Fallacy or Why Nietzsche Can Go Fuck Himself: The Big Ideas Part II

I do not like Friedrich Nietzsche. This is a fact that you probably could have figured out simply by reading the title of this article, but I feel that it is something that I need to state directly and clarify before I begin. What I write about Nietzsche will be distinctly biased toward the negative

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Aristotle Was Not Belgian: Philosophical Musings: The Big Ideas Part I

I read philosophy. It is something I enjoy. It is something that makes me happy. Something that makes me uncomfortable. Occasionally it is something that makes me afraid. Always it is something that makes my question the things I think I think I know. "Apes don't read philosophy." "Yes they do Otto, they just don't

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