Brain Salad Surgery: Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Difficult Beauty

Brain Salad Surgery is the fourth studio album from prog-rock supergroup Emerson, Lake, & Palmer and is arguably their most well-known. The reason for its notoriety can be boiled down to two things: an unbelievably catchy radio hit and some stunning cover art by H.R. Giger. There’s more to the album of course, but

Larks’ Tongues In Aspic: King Crimson: Difficult Beauty II

King Crimson is probably the band that is most evocative of Progressive Rock. That is to say they have been and continue to be unapologetic prog. There was no decent into pop singles in the 80s, there was no reworking of old material with an orchestra, neither was there a classic reunion tour for

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Difficult Beauty: An Exploration of Progressive Rock: Introduction

Progressive Rock is a genre of music that typically to consists of long, complicated pieces of music that attempts to incorporate ideas and styles of jazz improvisation and classical composition. It tends to focus on the virtuosity of its musicians, experimentation in the structure of the music and instruments, and incorporation of references and illusions

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More Earth than Sea: Best 15 Progressive Rock Albums

Progressive Rock. It is a term that inspires love, deep and heartfelt. And hate, venomous and cruel. To some it means complex musical suites comprised of off-beat time signatures, extended themes and orchestrations and philosophical concepts. To others it is simply masturbatory self-indulgence, pomposity and pretentiousness. Oddly enough, no one is wrong. Prog Rock is

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