Six Songs Called Isolation: A Lonely Playlist

The theme on the website this month is isolation so we have put together a list of 6 songs on that theme. Now there are many, many, many (manymanymany) many songs about loneliness, being alone, separation, etc. that we could have chosen for this list but we decided to go with only the ones that

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Swim Until You Cant See Land (Saying Goodbye to Scott Hutchison)

It was late December 2007 and I was driving home from work listening to the radio. There is an indie station that plays Christmas music by alternative bands with alternative takes on the holiday and that is the only type of Christmas music I listen to because yeah, I’m that guy. And then a

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Close to the Edge: Yes: Difficult Beauty I

I begin this journey into Progressive Rock with the album that I feel is the quintessential example of the genre. Yes’ fifth release typifies the aspects of what makes great Prog Rock.  It executes the characteristics of the form perfectly and combines the musical experimentation and instrumentation into what I consider one of the

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Difficult Beauty: An Exploration of Progressive Rock: Introduction

Progressive Rock is a genre of music that typically to consists of long, complicated pieces of music that attempts to incorporate ideas and styles of jazz improvisation and classical composition. It tends to focus on the virtuosity of its musicians, experimentation in the structure of the music and instruments, and incorporation of references and illusions

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More Earth than Sea: Best 15 Progressive Rock Albums

Progressive Rock. It is a term that inspires love, deep and heartfelt. And hate, venomous and cruel. To some it means complex musical suites comprised of off-beat time signatures, extended themes and orchestrations and philosophical concepts. To others it is simply masturbatory self-indulgence, pomposity and pretentiousness. Oddly enough, no one is wrong. Prog Rock is

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If You Close the Door, The Night Could Last Forever: Memories of Lou Reed

There is a soundtrack to my life. Its always been there, playing in the background. Certain songs and certain musicians informing my actions consciously or unconsciously; creating memories, intertwining, becoming inseparable from that moment in time. A man who created a large chunk of that soundtrack is gone. Lou Reed died last Sunday. I first

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Beck Reimagins David Bowie’s Sound and Vision

Got 10 minutes? 'Cuz this is awesome. Beck reimagines David Bowie's "Sound and Vision" features over 160 musicians, including: The Dap-Kings, a string orchestra, a gamelan ensemble, members of the USC marching band, a Peruvian charango group, choirs, guitarists, a musical saw player, a harpist, and a theremin player. Beck breaks down the song into

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