What You reading? Roundup (2/08/21 thru 2/21/21)

I have been crazy busy recently so this post covers two weeks of reading. But to be fair in addition to two full collected editions of comics and 5 individual issues there is also a full novel. A short novel granted, but have you ever read Kerouac? There's a lot to take in I

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Hey, What You Reading? Captain America: Sam Wilson #1

Captain America is a great character when done right. In the hands of a writer that understands the character, Cap is a symbol of honor and courage and leadership. And, him being a walking flag and all, he can be used as a way to start discussions on the political climate of the day. Problem

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Guns, Windshields & Rubber Ears: Captain America in Film & TV

Recently all the major players in the comic book world – Marvel, DC/Warner Bros, Sony and Fox - announced the schedule of upcoming films for the next five years. This is incredibly convenient as I can now plan all my nerd-related activity up to 2020. The one announcement I found more exciting than the others

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Reaction & Speculation & A Self-Indulgent Nerdfest

Ever since its announcement Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been widely anticipated and has had huge expectations placed upon it.  Expectations so huge, in fact, that it would be rare if not impossible for it to meet those expectations. That makes it all the more surprising that it not only met them, it exceeded

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