Glass & Sky: The Impermanence of Objects, 2nd Meditation

Once, a long time ago, I stood in the sky far above the world. The observation deck of the World Trade Center was more than 1000 feet high. The windows were wide, floor-to-ceiling glass. The first thing I did was press my nose against it, my hands beside my face, fingers splayed wide. I looked

Glimmers of Hope: My Life in 2020: A Conclusion

So, 2020 was a bit of a challenge. As I have already talked about (here and here) 2020 was not the best time I ever had. On a personal level, it was – to use a technical term - a bit shite. And on a world situation level, it was – again technical term –

2020’s Dark Night of the Soul: The Year So Far Part II

And so it goes. 2020 continues its endless slog into the dark night of the soul that has been thrust upon us by the ruthlessness of nature, the cruelty of fate, and the incompetence of man. I would say it's unprecedented but by this point, so many truly strange and bizarre things have happened I’m

My Life in 2020 so Far (Or What a Clusterf*ck)

So…2020 has been a clusterfuck so far, huh? Before I continue I feel I should point out that when I first contemplated writing this post I had conceived of it as being an eloquent, lyrical, almost poetic treatise on expectation vs reality. I had the notion of reaching rhetorical heights that were both moving and

Word After Word: Episode 8: Quarantine Recommendations

We've been gone for a while but now we are back to possibly help you out in a time of uncertainty. We are currently deep into quarantine and it looks as if we are in store for at least another month, possibly more - and as many people at this point may be getting to

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Cross-Continental Quarantining

A guest post by David Hicks I was in Prague on a Fulbright scholarship, teaching at the venerable Charles University and living in the Letna/Holesovice neighborhood called Prague 7. My first month, February, was gray and rainy, and therefore productive: I finished a novel and taught my classes in the beautiful Faculty of Arts building

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