Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of the podcast where Paul Matthew Carr and David Hicks discuss the craft and process of writing – Word After Word! This time on the program in keeping with our ever widening and diversification of subject matter – we will be doing a craft lesson. Just a bit of advice to help you kick start a story or tweak a current one to be something better.

First up David will discuss a sure-fire way to get a story started using the “…and then one day” story structure. As David explains this is a classic writing prompt that has been used in ancient myths, folk and faerie tales, right up to today’s modern literature.

After that Paul talks about character development using the “Solo Rule.” It is a defense of flawed characters in which he uses Star Wars as an example because…well Paul’s a nerd and he does that sort of thing.

Also David talks about some questionable South American dining practices. Not for the squeamish!

Thanks again for listening everyone and just keep writing.

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