Hello everyone and welcome back to the periodic podcast where we discuss the craft and process of writing – the one and only Word After Word! And by “one and only” I mean of course the only podcast that features Paul Matthew Carr and David Hicks.

Today on the program we will be doing something a bit different. Instead of talking to a guest as we usually do it will just be us (the hosts). And we are going to give our recommendations for summer reading. Both David and Paul will give you three recommendations each (four in the case of David because he can’t stop himself) of books that they enjoyed and that they think are worth your time.

Thank you all for listening. This is a different type of episode for us and if you enjoyed this let us know. We value your feedback. And we want to do more episodes like this and on other topics to expand our repertoire in addition to having more guests on for conversations on the craft of writing.

But let us know what you think. Tell us what you think about our selections and if you have any recommendations of your own for summer reading please share them in the comments or send them to us by email [email protected] or on Twitter – we don’t yet have a twitter handle for the show but you can send comments and feedback to David – @hickswriter – or to Paul @daddyelk and use the hashtag #SummerReading so we can get a whole conversation going.

Thanks again for listening everyone and just keep writing – and for that matter reading.

David’s Picks:

Paul’s Picks:

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