Hello everyone and welcome to episode 1 of Word After Word: A Podcast on Writing. And it is a great way to start! David and I were very lucky to sit down with best-selling author Peter Heller.

Peter talked a length about his process and gave some great advice. The discussion yielded a few surprises as well as a technique that is counter intuitive but promising – can you stop writing in the middle of a sentence and walk away? Why would you want to? Well give a listen and learn from the church of Heller.

Also, we talked a bit about his upcoming book, reminisced about his childhood love of reading and dug deep into the craft of writing – its like building a cabinet, you gotta know your tools.

I should point out that when we initially sat down with Peter there was a an equipment issue and we were unable to record. Peter graciously agreed to come back a few days later to do it again. I can’t thank him enough for his generosity in sharing his time with us.

This was a wonderful way to launch the program and I hope you enjoy.

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