A 1999 Interview with Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson

Way back before the turn of the century (which is an extremely fun phrase to write) I and aspiring author, Justin Rickard, decided to start an independent, self-published magazine. It was called The Pythagorean. It was a melding of sorts of philosophy, spirituality, and science. Our goal was to show how these things were not

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Be Seeing You: The Prisoner Rewind

I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own. Psychedelic, surreal, insane. Compelling and intriguing. The Prisoner was one of the most unique, innovative and influential television series of all time. An icon of Sci-Fi. The series was the brainchild of star Patrick McGoohan who,

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All of This is New to You, And New Can Be Scary (The Return of Doctor Who)

The new season (series) of Doctor Who started yesterday and I feel I am required to say something about it. Typically this is not something I do, at least in the terms of a “hot take” or some such thing. I usually like to ruminate on a thing for a week or a month perhaps

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Phase IV: 99 Science Fiction Films You Must See

As with many films on this list, I first discovered this movie while watching TV late at night. I suppose it will become a running theme in this segment, insomnia, and UHF leading to some pretty strange post-midnight viewings. And perhaps it is the delirium of half-sleep that makes a film about intelligent ants

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The Black Hole: 99 Science Fiction Films You Must See

I’ll say right off the bat that this is not exactly a classic. There are plot holes and stiff dialogue and the science definitely leans more towards fiction than fact. And there are some questionable robot designs. Despite that I recommend this film. It is a flawed gem. At the time it was rather

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Delta Redux: A Voyager Rewatch: Death Wish

I suppose I should start this discussion with a confession: I think Q is the worst recurring character on Star Trek. I know there will be many in the Trek fandom that disagree with that opinion – some vehemently so. Q has become a fan favorite for many and John de Lancie’s hammy/camp performance

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Star Trek: Discovery is Great – Too Bad I’ll Never See It Again

Last Sunday something happened that I’ve been waiting for a long, long time. Star Trek returned to television for the first time in 12 years. Star Trek: Discovery premiered on CBS and to fans it was not only welcomed, it was praised. Because, you see, for the first time in - well it’s a matter

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Delta Redux: A Voyager Rewatch: Dreadnaught

I find it interesting that the B'Elanna-centric episodes thus-far in the series have tended to have actress Roxanne Dawson act against either herself or an emotionless blank slate. I suppose one could argue that every time she has to interact with Harry Kim she has to deal with an emotionless blank slate - but seriously

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