October & All Hallows Eve

A Month of Classic Horror & Nostalgia

October & All Hallows Eve2018-10-15T16:04:46-06:00

October has arrived – the most wonderful time of the year

There is a nip in the air, the leaves are changing and the smell of pumpkin pie surrounds us. It’s time to wear flannel as you walk a corn maze then curl up by a fire as the sun goes down early. A time to eat caramel apples, drink apple cider, and…well anything apple related really. And the gourds – my god, so many gourds. Also, it is a time for horror. A time for a good scare. You have to love a month that ends with a celebration of death and the macabre.

So join us for a plethora  classic horror movie reviews, Halloween related nostalgia and other related creepy crawly odds and ends.

Things I Like: Longbox of Darkness

There are three things I like quite a bit: comics, horror, and podcasts. So imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered someone combined all three! The Longbox of Darkness is a podcast covering horror comics hosted by Herman Louw. Every episode does a deep dive into a particular horror comic or collection of comics describing the story, the art, [...]

Creature Double Feature: My Saturday Monster Time

Growing up my Saturday afternoons would be spent with creatures, monsters, ghosts, ghouls, murderers and mad scientists. Beginning around one o'clock I would settle down in front of our 17" Sony Trinatron (complete with simulated wood grain plastic sides) with a soda (typically Frank's grape or ginger ale) and a bowl of buttered macaroni noodles (couldn't get enough buttered macaroni for [...]


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