Hello everyone and welcome back to the Nexus of All Realities – a Man-Thing Podcast!

I realize this is going up a bit late…but that’s only because I suck at deadlines.

But this time on the show we get a little heavy and talk in depth about race relations in the 1970s. So that’s right, you get to hear a middle-aged white guy talk about the 70s black experience…and it’s not too awkward.

But that’s what is really great about this comic. The open-ended nature of the premise really allowed Gerber and the artists to experiment and try new things. No subjects were off limits and Gerber’s …um, unique perspective and style allowed for an interesting take on those subjects. And this issues shows that he didn’t always hit the mark perfectly, still very rough around the edges in many places. But that fact that these kind of stories were attempted says volumes about how writers and artists were approaching comics at this time.

I also want to  welcome new listeners and to thank Professor Allan of the Relatively Geeky Network for playing my trailer on the Quarter-Bin Podcast – you sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

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