Okay, so here it is the not-quite first episode. Yes, I have chosen to do an Episode 0.

I know there are some out there who feel that zero episodes (or zero issues) are not really necessary and a bit of a waste of time. Well, I’m pretty new to this whole podcast thing so I figured I should do a little introductory ramble to get started. But don’t fear – it’s short.

In this episode I will introduce myself, talk a little about the character origins and giggle a bit when I say, “Giant size Man-Thing.”

I also talk a little bit about why I wanted to do this program and heap some praise on Stephen Lacey and Andrew Leyland, the makers of the Fantasticast, for  – unbeknownst to them – providing the inspiration and motivation to do this.

Usually this program will be every two weeks but since this episode is a bit light on content I will be back next week with a proper episode covering Savage Tales #1 and the origin and introduction of Man-Thing.

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Thank everybody for listening. See you next week.